Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Can You See the Ripples???

There are 24 squares donated so far!! You guys blow me away. Thank you!

Here are the details on donation:
  • 8"x8" squares knit in washable worsted weight wool
  • attach a note or card to your square... we will be sending along your notes to the family
  • Mail to:
3500 Boston St
Suite 431 MS#41
Baltimore, MD 21224

Thanks so much guys! The deadline is March 1!


LeslieJ said...

I just finished my 1st square. I will keep making squares until I run out of yarn.

Nittany Knits said...

You can count on squares from the K1P2 Sit 'N Knit in Columbia.

Noelle said...

A friend of mine wanted to know if you guys would accept crocheted squares as well? She has a great crochet stitch that would make some great squares!

Julie said...

I will donate, would love to donate actually. If you accept crocheted squares, my daughter would probably be interested also. Good job, good hearts.