Monday, January 29, 2007

Look At This! Graphics for US!

Jen and Angela teamed up to create graphics for our project. Feel free to take this image and put it in your sidebar (please leave the bandwidth... don't want to get blogger mad!) Thanks friends! You did great!

I am going to set up a cafe' press site to get this image printed on a number of things. I know I need a shirt! All profits from the sales of items will go directly to the charity of choice for the family we are knitting/crocheting for.

I will let you know when the store goes live!


Kate said...

I have my square knitted, I'm a little stalled on writing a note but will get to it tonight & put it in the mail tomorrow or the next day.

There is a Ben Harper song I love that I think relates to knitting & especially what you guys are doing --- it's called With my Own Two Hands -- here is a link hopefully to the song lyrics, if not, scroll down to the title:§ion=lyrics&id=101

LeslieJ said...

Looks great...but I cannot figure out how to add to my blog. I'm in the new blogger...uuugghh

Jen said...
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Jen said...

Go to your Dashboard, click "Template" under "Manage", scroll down to the place in your template code you'd like it (don't be afraid to use Preview to get it where you want it) and post your code.

Change the brackets in what's below and you can use this code...just swap out your addresses.

[a href=""][img src="WHERE YOU HAVE THE IMAGE STORED"][/a]

That will link it here, and show the image from your server/storage site.

Put < and > in for [ and ].

LeslieJ said...

Thanks. I saved the image in my pictures and then added an element or whatever, on the side bar. so the picture is there, just not a link, but i had that before. looks great.